- ‘No Gimmick’ Pricing

Family Package Heavy Users Traders & Gamers
1. Internet Service (monthly) $65 $105 $235
2. Installation (one off)
-One story home
$230 $230 $230
-Two story home
$285 $285 $285
3. Router Wi-Fi
A. Router ac 1000m
$50 not available not available
B. Router ac 1200m
not available $90 $90
4. Wi-Fi Home Management Service
-Per Month
$8 $8 $8
5. Parental controls $9.95 $9.95 $9.95

6. Service is month to month. You may cancel at any time prior to the 25th of month for your service to be turned off at the end of the month.
7. Upgrades:
a. If you upgrade your service from one to another a change of antenna will be required. There will be a one off antenna swap out/install fee of $105.
b. If you choose the Family Package and you select an additional turbo gain antenna booster, there will be a one off charge of $125 – or you may rent the turbo gain booster for $15 per month.
8. inc does not charge cancellation fees.
9. antennas remain the property of inc.
10. In the event of termination of service:
-If you should cancel during the first six months there will be an antenna removal charge of $105.
-After six months of paid service, there will be no service charge to remove the antenna.