Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would I switch to from Comcast or AT&T? Open or Close

    -better customer service
    -more reliable service
    -consistently faster speeds
    -‘No gimmick’ pricing – no hidden fees that show up at the time of billing -No unannounced price changes
    -month to month contract – no commitment where you are locked in to rising prices for years

  • How many devices can service support?Open or Close

    Depends on which package you choose – spend some time looking at the tanji internet packages and suitability recommendations and choose the right one for you.

  • Why do I need a router from ?Open or Close

    Tanji internet infrastructure uses the latest in beamforming technology.
    All of our infrastructure has been selected and programmed to work at optimal levels.
    In order to provide the very best levels of service, tanji internet software programs and devices must interact with each other – consistency is essential to maintain top quality.

  • How does the signal get to my home?Open or Close

    uses the very latest in beamforming technology to shoot and receive signals in the air from the fiber network (data center) to and from your home via an infrastructure of radios and antennas.
    The signals are received and transmitted to and from your home via a square antenna installed on a mast on your property. The antenna is connected via a special cable to your router.
    The router acts as a Wi-Fi device in your home.