About us

Tanji is a Silicon Valley based company. Our mission is to develop and acquire business properties in the digital communications space,
more specifically in:
internet service, mobile and media delivery.

The Team

The tanji team is intergenerational and multi cultural



Business Units

An internet service provider using fixed wireless and micro mesh technology

Tanjimobile is bringing to market a family of tablets and smart phone apps dedicated to simplifying family communications for baby boomers.

Contact Us

Investors Contact:
1. Huib Stroomberg hs@tanji.com Direct530-713-4774
2. Laurence Briggs ldb@tanji.com Direct 650-248-0588

Customer Service Contact :
Sean Chalmers smc@tanji.com Direct 408-887-7722

Program Manager: Paulo Briggs, paulo@tanji.comDirect 214-714-0793